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Cowboy Magic - Career Benefits Summary 2016-2017

Career Benefits Summary 2016-2017

Our employees are our most valuable asset. That’s why at Straight Arrow Products, Inc. we are committed to a comprehensive benefit program that helps our employees stay healthy, feel secure and maintain a positive work-life balance. New employees are eligible for most benefits on the first of the month following 2 full months of employment.   Below is an overview of the benefits.

MEDICAL:  Capital Blue Cross

A Capital Blue Cross PPO plan that provides comprehensive medical and prescription drug coverage and access to a broad network of providers.

The plan, provided to employees at no cost, includes:

  • A Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) that pays a portion of the plan deductible.
  • Because of the HRA employees with individual coverage are responsible only for the first $500 of the $4,000 in-network deductible
  • Those with family coverage are responsible for the first $1,000 of the in-network deductible.
  • After that Straight Arrow covers all deductible expenses up to $4,000 for individual and $8,000 for family coverage.
  • The company contributes to premium cost of insuring dependents.

Employees may waive participation in this benefit and receive an extra monthly payment.

DENTAL:  AlwaysCare Dental

The dental plan covers:

  • Preventive, basic, major, and orthodontic services.
  • Employees and each covered dependent have $1,000 in annual benefits
  • $1,000 lifetime maximum for orthodontics.
  • There is no waiting period to access covered procedures.

VISION:  Avesis Vision

 The Avesis vision plan provides coverage for:

  • Annual eye examinations, lenses or contacts, and frames.
  • $10 copay for an annual eye exam.
  • Allowance for purchase of frames and spectacle lenses.
  • Coverage for contacts in lieu of glasses. Discounts on laser surgery.

 COMPANY-PROVIDED TERM LIFE INSURANCE and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

  • Straight Arrow pays 100% of the coverage.
  • One times earnings to a maximum benefit of $70,000
  • Benefit paid for medical or accidental death to your designated beneficiary
  • Age reductions apply


  • Purchase whole life insurance on yourself, spouse, dependent children and grandchildren
  • Coverage amounts up to $150,000 on you; $50,000 spouse; and $25,000 child and grandchild
  • 100% employee paid via payroll deduction



  • Eligible after 1 year of service
  • Easy to save with payroll deduction
  • Variety of investment options to help your money grow
  • Employer match


  • Disability Income Protection – Provides a source of income during a disability when you can’t work.
  • Personal Sickness Insurance – covers some out-of-pocket medical costs during a period of illness.
  • Accident Insurance – pays cash benefits to you to cover costs resulting from an unexpected injury.
  • Cancer and Critical Illness – covers some medical costs incurred for specific serious illnesses.
  • Life Insurance–purchase a $25,000 policy.


Medical / Health Care Spending Account

  • $2,550 annual maximum
  • Pre-tax savings account to cover health care expense not covered by insurance
  • Deductibles, copays, prescription drugs, dental and vision expenses
  • Debit card allows you easy access to the funds in  your account
  • IRS rules allow you to roll over up to $500 to the next plan year

Dependent Care Spending Account

  • $5,000 annual maximum
  • Pre-tax savings account for elder care and child care expenses.
  • Non-residential adult daycare expenses
  • Pre-school and after school daycare (up to age 13)
  • Full day daycare up to kindergarten
  • Plan wisely — Use it or lose it provision.


  • Vacation, personal days, and sick time
  • 9 paid  holidays


  • Confidential counseling available for employees and dependents living in the Lehigh Valley
  • Five in-person counseling sessions per year
  • Free, voluntary, confidential counseling.


  • Free company products
  • Free company apparel
  • Free admission to local events
  • Holiday employee party

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