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Your Cowboy Magic testimonials mean the world to us – it’s because of all of our great customers that we do what we do! Thank you! To submit your own testimonial (that could possibly be featured on our website) please submit an email to the following email address
Loranda Bath Cowboy Magic Testimonial

Hello Cowboy Magic. I just wanted to say I have been a happy customer for 13 years and continue to love your products. This is a picture of my paint filly with just your detangler in it and it looks as if I put sparkles in it. The shine is incredible! Thank you for making such a wonderful product, both me and my horses love. ~ Loranda Bath

Loranda Bath Cowboy Magic Testimonial
Loranda Bath
Wendy Hall Cowboy Magic testimonial

Hello I wanted to share pics with you of our new mares mane and what wonders Cowboy Magic did for her!!! – Wendy Hall

Wendy Hall Cowboy Magic testimonial
Wendy Hall
Lily Flynn Cowboy Magic Testimonial

This is Golden Loaded Gun, who we keep white and clean with your product!!! – Lily Flynn, Photo by Veronika Photography

Lily Flynn Cowboy Magic Testimonial
Lily Flynn
Katie Schuessler Cowboy Magic Testimonial

I love all the Cowboy Magic products! I used them a lot on my two horses. This is Beau a 1 1/2 month old paint colt, my newest addition! – Katie Schuessler

Katie Schuessler Cowboy Magic Testimonial
Katie Schuessler
Cindy Giusti Thomas Cowboy Magic testimonial

Being a competitive drill rider is a thrill that’s hard to measure but having people stop you to ask how my horse is so WHITE, makes my heart soar every time! Thanks Cowboy Magic Shine In Yellowout! – Cindy Giusti Thomas

Cindy Giusti Thomas Cowboy Magic testimonial
Cindy Giusti Thomas
Racing Roxy Cowboy Magic testimonial

Thankyou so much for such a wonderful product!!! My horse’s tail had been so matted and I spent hours working on it with no luck and a show the same night but as soon as I went out and got some of your Detangler & Shine and used it, it took 15 min top to undo it all!! I love it!!!! Thankyou! – @racingroxy on Instagram

Racing Roxy Cowboy Magic testimonial
Racing Roxy
Joleen Modaff Cowboy Magic testimonial

Your original shampoo and conditioner does a fantastic job on white. My Stallion Impresiv Blu Peepers looks so much better after a bath with those! – Joleen Modaff

Joleen Modaff Cowboy Magic testimonial
Joleen Modaff
Rebekah Gonzalez
This photo was taken after Diamond had a bath with Cowboy Magic Shampoo and Conditioner Rosewater and then we use the Detangler & Shine after that!!! Your product is awesome and we love it Diamond’s hair is fantastic!! – Rebekah Gonzalez
Rebekah Gonzalez
Rebekah Gonzalez

We were having issues with our beautiful silky terrier getting really itchy after a bath, someone recommended Cowboy Magic Detangler & shine after I posted on a Silky Terrier page asking for advice! Evie had a shampoo last night & then I brushed through some Cowboy Magic & she is looking more beautiful than ever & isn’t itchy! Woo hoo! It’s taken us 5.5years to find something that works for her! Can’t stop patting her, she feels so beautiful & soft! Thank you for your awesome product! ~ Ashlea Armstrong

Ashlea Armstrong
Charissa-Darryl Webster Cowboy Magic Testimonial

Love your products! Freshly bathed 21 month gelding! Cowboy Magic is awesome! Rinses and cleans amazing. The smell is very pleasant and a little goes a long way. Great product at even better prices! – Charissa Darryl Webster

Charissa-Darryl Webster Cowboy Magic Testimonial
Charissa Darryl Webster
Jackie Short-Nguyen Testimonial Cowboy Magic

Cowboy Magic isn’t just great for horses! My show dogs look excellent after a wash with the Rosewater Shampoo! I’ve tried tons of dog shampoos over the years, but nothing gives volume and shine like Cowboy Magic! – Jackie Short-Nguyen

Pictured: Marcato’s Turn the Page HT TC “Mikasa” with DAE GCH Marcato’s Fire Like HT TC, Fresh from a bath with the Rosewater shampoo! Their mother DA GCH Mana’s 5 Cents for Advice Marcato HT RN TC

Jackie Short-Nguyen Testimonial Cowboy Magic
Jackie Short-Nguyen
Jaime Aime Cowboy Magic Testimonial

So proud of my stunning mare. Always 1st in the show arena. And shining by Cowboy Magic!
Photo by Troullioud Fotografie

Jaime Aime Cowboy Magic Testimonial
Jaime Aime
Wendy Schoen Cowboy Magic testimonial

Just acquired this Mare and her tail was a wreck! I researched and heard about Cowboy Magic Detangler & Shine so I bought some along with the shampoo and conditioner (I’ll try those later) but, with a wide tooth comb, Cowboy Magic Detangler & Shine, and a couple of hours the dreadlock was gone! I’m in love with this stuff for helping me from doing the unthinkable (cutting the hair off of her tail) and doing it pretty easily considering how matted it was. I can’t wait to see how the other products work. Thanks again! – Wendy Schoen

Wendy Schoen Cowboy Magic testimonial
Wendy Schoen
Amy Murphy Cowboy Magic Testimonial

Couldn’t do it without some Cowboy Magic! – Amy Murphy

Amy Murphy Cowboy Magic Testimonial
Amy Murphy
Laura Valli Cowboy Magic Testimonial

Cowboy Magic doesn’t just work wonders on animals!!! By far my favourite product and can’t stop banging on about it!! Biggest fan!! – Lauri Valli, Birmingham, UK

Laura Valli Cowboy Magic Testimonial
Laura Valli
Kanadah Taylor-King

I would really like to thank you for your amazing products. My Clydesdales look amazing thanks to your Shampoo, Conditioner, and Shine In Yellowout. We will be using them at Sydney Royal in a few weeks time. They have made their way to my shoe box as well as home washing kit. – Kanadah Taylor-King

Kanadah Taylor-King
Kanadah Taylor-King
Amanda Gray

Our beautiful horses have a day job. We use them to entertain children with our Rock’N Pony Parties. Cowboy Magic is the only product that we use in the winter to help keep our horses clean. This is Annalie, my Haflinger mare, during one of our parties held by a local Fun center for a charity.

Amanda Gray
Amanda Gray
Emmaline Jones

My gypsy vanner gelding Love Ruby Aramis. Cowboy Magic is a lifesaver for his mane, feather and floor-dragging tail! We especially love the Detangler & Shine and the Rosewater conditioner.

Emmaline Jones
Emmaline Jones

I just wanted to write to you to say I am a huge fan of your products. I use the shampoo and conditioner on my horses (and sometimes on me). I love how it makes them smell and how soft they are, but my favorite thing is that it can be diluted with cold water. I mix it in big bottles and it makes washing so much quicker and makes the shampoo last longer. My favorite product though is the Detangler & Shine. When I was grooming dogs we used to use it in severely matted dogs to help get the matts out. Now I am in the Army and I work with horses. I am in the 1st Cavalry Division Horse Cavalry Detachment at Fort Hood, Texas. It is a ceremonial unit that does parades, military ceremonies and our exciting and well known mounted weapons demonstrations. We dress in 1880s uniforms wile riding in 1885 Tack with time period weapons. Anyway, we have 32 horses at work and for some reason they have the most tangle tails. They get brushed all the time but they are always a mess. I got sick of fighting the knots so I brought in a bottle of the detangling solution and started always keeping some in my tack box. What a difference it makes. It also makes it easier to brush out for a few days after. Now at big events everyone asks me if I have the “magic stuff” so they can get their horses mane and tail silky too. When I ride in the Rose Bowl Parade this year my horse will be sporting Cowboy Magic. Thanks!

Jessica Dareing
Anka Hana Sladoljev

I love your products on my dog. His hair is stronger, thicker.. so shiny, beautiful. I already recommend your Rosewater Shampoo to lot of my friends in Europe, because good shampoo for poodle is hard to find. This shampoo makes hair stronger but not softer which is very important for grooming. – Anka Hana Sladoljev with BIS.Ch, Int.Ch, Multi.Ch “Dorian Kinlan Mon L’ami”

Anka Hana Sladoljev
Anka Hana Sladoljev

I run a quarantine facility- right from kill buyer pens and your products are my first choice to help these guys try to feel normal again. Always a great way to help them feel care again. Thank you!!!! I used the Cowboy Magic Concentrated Detangler & Shine!!!! It’s amazing on all mane and tail situations. Especially when showing a very nervous horse that all your trying to do is show love and care. It helps take the combing noise and pulling out of the equation. We love this stuff at D&J’s Landing- Quarantine Facility. The Cowboy Magic Rosewater Conditioner is awesome as well!!!! We usually use fungisol for shampoo considering we are fighting many skin conditions here. But your conditioners are our go to! – Jennifer Duffy

Jennifer Duffy
Levi Himmelrick

Westmoreland Hail Storm takes a lot of Cowboy Magic to get this white. Proudly owned by Storm Gypsy Vanners. Photo by Courtney Buckner. – Levi Himmelrick

Levi Himmelrick
Levi Himmelrick

RMH’S Southern Belle We use Cowboy Magic products on all of our horse. Awesome products!!

Riverbend Mountain Horses

Just wanted to say I love your product and I’m a really big fan of it. I think it really helps with keeping the shine on my palomino stallion “Lethal Blue Monster.” Will continue to purchase your products for years to come! – Ilana Hogeland

Ilana Hogeland

Though the hair on my head is fine and silky, my beard is quite the opposite – course and tight…until now!  I have tried many products to soften my beard’s appearance and give it the sheen it deserves, but nothing has truly elevated it to what I consider worthy of Santa’s “ho, ho, HO,” until I applied Cowboy Magic’s shampoo, conditioner, and detangler for the first time today!  What a remarkable difference from anything I’ve ever used before and it smells good too, like a bouquet of fresh cut roses!  This year, I shall dash and prance around to my heart’s content; confident that the luster of Santa’s beard will stay true and help spread the wonder and joy of the holiday spirit! Ho, ho, HO!

A sincere thank you from Old St. Nick

St. Nick

I have several Gypsy Vanner horses – We LOVE your products!

They help us keep our horses sparkling white! Thank you!

Photos sent are of my gelding, Gypsy Elite Prides Baron. Owned by Amber Jones.

Amber Jones
Sir Cody Jo Collage

I have a Yorkie- Sir Cody Jo- I’ve used Yorkie Splash & Shine for a year- he had so many knots- went to Tractor Supply- bought your product for $8 a bottle and look what I got- he’s smooth & silky- we are in a lot of groups- I can assure you! I’m praising Cowboy Magic!! Cindy Harmond and Sir Cody Jo

Sir Cody Jo Collage
Cindy Harmond and Sir Cody Jo
Heath Jones

Thank you Cowboy Magic for keeping our horses’ manes and tails in top condition! Pictured here is Shining Juice (NRHA earner of over $25,000), ridden by Heath Jones and owned by Tim Busse. Thanks again for your wonderful product!

Heath Jones
Heath Jones
Charlie Miniature Therapy Horse

I love using your products for my Charlie – Miniature Therapy Horse before visits so he’s SUPER clean and his whites are SUPER white. My mom bought my first Cowboy Magic products for me the first Christmas with Charlie. We have been using them for 18 months. We go through a lot of product since Charlie is bathed a minimum of 24 hours before each visit. I take EXTREME measurers to get him clean. Thank you for having such a great product line. – Ronica F.

Charlie Miniature Therapy Horse
Charlie – Miniature Therapy Horse
Cowboy Magic Testimonial Tara Evans

Wanted to share this picture. I got married on 6/18/16 and I rode down the aisle on my gelding “star”. He is my first horse I got when I was 13 and we’ve been together for 11 years now. We’ve been through everything. I bathed him in Cowboy Magic the day before the wedding and he looked the most handsome he possibly could be.

Cowboy Magic Testimonial Tara Evans
Tara Evans
Cowboy Magic Testimonial Debi Plekan

I’ve been using Cowboy Magic Detangler and Shine on my horses for many many years. But I thought you might like to see how well it also works on my English Shepherd. I never groom him without it!

Cowboy Magic Testimonial Debi Plekan
Debi Plekan
Elizabeth Damers Cowboy Magic Testimonial

My friend got his horse back recently. She had been in another friends pasture for a several years. She is very friendly and loves people. While she was turned out, someone braided her mane and tale and tied knots to keep the braids from coming undone.

Needless to say, when she arrived, her mane and tail were a mess. The hair above the braids had grown out some, so we don’t know how long it had been in that shape. My friend thought he would have to cut her mane and tail “the old cowboy way.” I asked him to let me try to save her mane and tale with Cowboy Magic Concentrated Detangler & Shine. He was very doubtful but agreed to let me try.

I didn’t take before pictures of her mane. Imagine 2 large braids joined into 1, 2/3’s of the way down. He was amazed that we were able to work the wad out of her mane in about 1 hour.

My friend is now a believer in Cowboy Magic. He was amazed at how good the product worked and that it helped us save her beautiful hair. He asked me to share the pictures and his thanks.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Damers and Poli Portillo

El Dorado, AR

Elizabeth Damers Cowboy Magic Testimonial
Elizabeth Damers
Cindi Werthmuller testimonial

Cowboy Magic put the chrome back in Mountain Man’s mane. He loves being dirty… I love him clean and soft! I use Cowboy Magic exclusively on Mountain Man.

Cindi Werthmuller testimonial
Cindi Werthmuller
Missy Benker Secret Hills Ranch

We love Cowboy Magic for our stallion QTsGold Mastercard and all of our horses at Secret Hills Ranch! Thank you for making such a great product! QTsGold Mastercard is pictured here with Missy Benker and Cody Benker at the 2014 APHA World Championships! Cody is steering ‘MC’ up to get his Top 5 World Championship! MC and Secret Hills Ranch is owned by Peter, Missy & Cody Benker. We are from Alpine, California.

Missy Benker Secret Hills Ranch
Missy B. ~ Secret Hills Ranch
Paige Denniston

Hi! Just wanted to brag on your products a bit. I purchased an underweight 3 year old last summer, who had a short, brittle mane/tail/coat with a lot of dandruff due to lack of care. After about 10 months of feed and weekly use of Cowboy Magic, she doesn’t look like the same horse! The affordability is what convinced me to try it, but the results are what have made me a fan! – Paige D.

Paige Denniston
Paige D.
Stephanie Grubb

The Southern Playboy playing in a field. He loves Cowboy Magic and we use it to keep his mane and tail in great condition! He is our two year old stallion. Photo by K.Ryan Photography. – Stephanie G.

Stephanie Grubb
Stephanie G

I have been looking for MONTHS for something to stop my daughter and my hair from being a hassle to detangle. Other products have cause allergic reactions in me, and none have really worked to detangle our long thin hair. This Cowboy detangler is the best stuff, and now my daughter doesn’t cry and scream (even at 9 yrs old!) when I brush her hair. Thank you SOOO much!

Sandra M.

GB Atlantis from Dashing Rivers Gypsy Cobs Australia!
We love Cowboy Magic Greenspot Remover!

Wonita Weber-Matousek

My lovely quarter mare Pretty Stages Melody shines at a photo shoot thanks to cowboy Magic. Foto taken by Femke Rowel Fotografie.

Jaime Aime

I use this horse product on a daily, if not weekly basis, on dogs. This Pom belongs to an immaculate home with a new human baby. As their dog walker, I wipe Lizzie dry and dab Cowboy Magic Detangler & Shine on. Greenspot Remover also works to comb out on fecal matter that white-legged Poms should NOT bring into the home.

Beth Naomi Clark

Mane courtesy of Cowboy Magic Shine In Yellowout! Hercules is my 11 year old traditional Gypsy Cob gelding. I have used just about every shampoo on the market in an effort to get him clean and keep him white and the only one I would recommend is Cowboy Magic Shine In Yellowout. Been using it for a few years now both on him and his young friend!

Theresa D.

Hello team Cowboy Magic!

I cannot express my appreciation enough for your perfect, and I mean perfect, products!

I recently purchased my beautiful 4-year-old, purebred Andalusian gelding whom came to me from a very hot and humid climate in Australia, Queensland, where he had suffered every year from the dreaded Queensland Itch. This left him with a thin, uneven, and brittle mane and tail.

From using the Cowboy Magic Detangler and the Conditioner, in only a few months, his hair is longer, thicker but most importantly, healthier! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We still have a way to go but I have every faith that your product will continue to impress me! I highly recommend these product to anyone and everyone! Cheers!

Zoe from Tasmania, Australia

I love your products, we have Gypsy horses and with all the hair I never worry about burrs or wind knots, a little Cowboy Magic Detangle & Shine and all is looking beautiful. Thank you for such a great line of products. As we go out to shows, parades, expos, or fairs we always have Cowboy Magic with us.

Pam B.

Just wanted to say how much I love your Super Bodyshine. I use it here in England and it’s amazing. It makes my horse’s coat super shiny before competitions, and it also smells gorgeous and leaves her feeling crazy soft! I’ve attached some photos of her under the floodlights in the arena yesterday – I almost need sunglasses to look at her! What’s even more unbelievable is that she has Cushings, so her coat can get long and dull, but not if I use your spray! Well done!!

Donna (and Jess!)

I absolutely love your product. I show Basset Hounds. I have an all black basset her name is Blackie (also named after the sire’s owner). The shine is simply amazing. The shine lasts days after the day of the show. Thanks for your product. I also use Cowboy Magic on Tucker – gets the white around his neck is so white.

Nadine Cooper, Bo-Na’s Bassets

We would like to thank you for being such a huge sponsor for the Colorado Mounted Thunder. Cowboy Magic is standard in our house and barn. The Marshall family is so great and has introduced us to many of your products. Thank you again.

The Chapman’s

I just wanted to send a heart warming message to everyone involved with Cowboy Magic®. All of these products are wonderfully amazing. I love every product and trust them to help achieve that “show look” everyday. Because of your products, my horses have healthy hair and long, thick tails. The Shine In Yellowout™ shampoo works wonders on my sorrel horse with a bald face and white sock. This product is way better than any other whitening product on the market. The Super Bodyshine® is also way better than any other shining product on the market. Thanks for amazing products that take care of my babies. COWBOY MAGIC IS, AND WILL ALWAYS BE MY FAVORITE!!


My 10-year-old daughter always tries to get out of washing her hair. Part of it is probably because when her hair is wet, I make her brush the knots out. We tried Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine the other night and the results were, well, magic! The thick knots brushed out easily and her hair looks brilliant. Even she couldn’t deny how great it looked. I think we’ve found a solution! Thank you Cowboy Magic®!

Scott B and Sophie B, PA

I am in the Walla Walla Blue Mountain Riders parade drill team and ride a very light gray horse that is an absolute pig. If there is something on the ground that will stain his coat, he will roll in it. Every time I groomed him for a parade, he had accumulated a huge number of grass and manure stains, mud … well you get the idea.

I had tried baby shampoo, beer for grass stains, and hair detangler for his tail…but usually wound up pulling a lot of tail hair out anyway. It seemed that no matter what I did, he was still stained. Usually, it took several baths in a row to make the grade. It got so bad; I was considering dying him black.

Then, I tried two of your Cowboy Magic® products, Cowboy Magic® Shine In Yellowout and Greenspot Remover. Wow!!! What a difference they made. The stains and dirt came out with very little effort. His coat shone in the sunlight and one fellow rider mentioned that his tail glistened.
(And it did)
Since I’ve been using your products, his mane and tail have grown out much thicker than ever before. His coat is silky soft to the touch and he stays clean longer. I have recommended your products to other riders of light colored horses who also struggled getting their horses ready for parades or shows. I can now love my horse for his inner beauty and outer appearance. Thank you.


I just wanted to give you some feedback on your Rosewater Shampoo, Conditioner and Super Bodyshine®. I have been using your products in my grooming shop for about 4 years now. I absolutely love these 3 products and will not change. I have had many dogs come in with nasty coats, after using the Shampoo & Conditioner with the Super Bodyshine® my clients rave about how great the dogs look and feel. I have also groomed a couple of Siberian Huskies that were matted to the skin because they hadn’t been groomed in a while. After using the 3 products, I used the blow dryers on them and got about 95% of the undercoat out. The rest came out with no hassle. I have had no reactions to any of the COWBOY MAGIC® products. I groom several dogs a day and even use it on my hair and skin. I LOVE IT!


I’m in LOVE with your product! I have a cockapoo who is very tiny and I’ve always hated taking her to the groomer… She mats easy. I heard about your product, and it is MAGIC! The mats were so easy to comb out of her hair, not only does her hair shine, it is now like silk! IT’S AMAZING!! Thank you! Thank you!

Carol, MI

I have used Cowboy Magic® since it came out. I use it on my horses, dogs and my hair! It’s the only Shampoo, Conditioner and Detangler we use. Everyone always asks me why my horses’ hair, dogs’ coats and my hair are so long, shiny, healthy and beautiful – Cowboy Magic®! I stand behind your product 120%. In the show rings, or out and about our hair always stands out!

Candace, TX

Thank you so very much for introducing me to your wonderful product, Shine In Yellowout™. My horse’s mane, tail, and forelock all shine so beautifully that everyone who sees him compliments his beauty. Some even say ‘he looks like a movie star horse’. I am so proud of the colors and especially the shine. I will forever use your COWBOY MAGIC® products.

Phyllis, CA

I believe that COWBOY MAGIC® Detangler & Shine is a miracle product. My horse and I both use it. My hair is auburn and down to my waist. It gets tangles also; COWBOY MAGIC® Detangler™ takes care of the problem for me everyday.

Debbie, CA

We use the Detangler on our hair as well as our rodeo horse’s mane and tail. We have long thick hair and have tried many products. There is NOTHING that compares to COWBOY MAGIC®.

Lisa & Kaitlyn, ID

My daughter’s hair is always so tangled. It only took a few minutes to comb through her hair after using COWBOY MAGIC® … and there was no crying!

Laura, CA

I tried your Shampoo, Conditioner and Detangler about two months ago. I first used it on my horses and then I began using it on myself and I have not been any happier with another product. Your product is wonderful and I will continue to use it. Thank you for such a GREAT product!

Michelle , FL

Thank you so much for making a miracle worker!!! I have a black and white Tobiano Paint, mostly white and until you have had a white horse, you don’t know how tough it is to keep a white horse clean and tangle free. The Rosewater Shampoo and Conditioner are great. I use it on myself and it works great. I have even gotten my husband using it.

Amber , GA

I am so impressed with your Rosewater Conditioner. I have been torturing my poor dog with long brush out sessions after he’s been running around the fields. After using it I found my sessions have gone from 2-3 hours, to 2 minutes, and that makes both of us very happy. Finally, a product that does exactly what it says and more…can’t thank you enough. I’m a customer for life!

Judi , Ontario, Canada

I am pleased to tell you that your product was excellent! My horse was “poop” free in a matter of minutes. I am happy to tell you that it only took three times of spraying the Greenspot Remover until the massive stain was gone. Thank you again.

Corinne , MA

I was at a Quarter Horse Show….and received as an award, COWBOY MAGIC® Super Body Shine®. I think it’s the best product I’ve ever used and I’ve been showing for 15 years!!!I don’t think I can show without it.

Lisa , PA

I love this shampoo for our dog Cuda, and using the conditioner has stopped the tumbleweed of hair floating around the house. And his coat is so shiny!

Dianne, FL

Thank you so very much for introducing me to your wonderful product. My horse’s mane, tail, and forelock all shine so beautifully that everyone who sees him complements his beauty. Some even say he looks like a movie star horse. I am so proud of the colors and especially the shine. I will forever use your COWBOY MAGIC® products.

Phyllis, CA

I just wanted to let you know that I use your Cowboy Magic® products on my dogs. I have cocker spaniels. My parti has never looked so white and he use to always have yellow stains on his hind legs and belly. I have been using Cowboy Magic® for almost a year now and there isn’t any staining and his coat is soft and silky. My black cocker spainel glistens and look fabulous. Now I also discovered that the gnats and bugs here in PA seem to stay away when using the Cowboy Magic®. I am so glad I discovered Cowboy Magic®!

Cathy, PA

I have used your products for a long time both in the USA and here in New Zealand…Cowboy Magic® is without a doubt the best product to use for getting manes and tails looking great!

Bryan – “Ride-m Horsemanship,” New Zealand

I cannot praise your products enough. I have happily converted many of my friends to COWBOY MAGIC® products – who all say wow and that it works so well for them.

Julie, Shropshire, UK

I’m in LOVE! With your product! I have a Cockapoo who is very tiny and I’ve always hated taking her to a groomer…. She mats easy. I heard about your product, and it is MAGIC! The mats were so easy to comb out her hair, not only does her hair shine, it is now is like silk! ITS AMAZING! Thank you! Thank you!!

Carol, MI

We love Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine for my daughter’s hair. She is bi-racial, and this is the BEST product ever for her hair. No harsh chemicals, add moisture and shine, plus easy detangle. We are fans for life!

Stephanie, GA

I am an African American woman who does not chemically process my hair and I recently used your Cowboy Magic® Shampoo, Conditioner and Detangler. I just wanted to tell you how happy I have been with the results! I really like your products and think you have created a wonderful product, not only for horses, but also for human hair. Thank you for these products! My hair has never felt so healthy!


I started using the Cowboy Magic® Rosewater Shampoo, Rosewater Conditioner, and Detangler & Shine a few years ago when I was having a hard time controlling my unruly hair. I’ve been a happy customer since that time and my hair has never looked better. In fact, my stylist actually asked me what product I was using because she loves the smell of my hair.

Carla, IL

I use the Rosewater Shampoo and Rosewater Conditioner on my hair. I am not exaggerating when I say your products have done amazing things to my hair! Cowboy Magic® products have made my hair the softest it has EVER been. I get SO many compliments on how shiny my hair is. I can see and feel the difference.

Renee, CO

I want to tell you how much I love your product Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine. I use it on my hair and love how it makes my hair so soft and shiny.

Edith, Canada


As a groomer, I have been using Cowboy Magic® Detangler and Shine for dematting and brushing out tangles in dogs for years. I recently started using the entire line of Personal products and I am in love with all of them. The shampoo and conditioner are amazing. My husband is in construction and Cowboy Magic® gets out all the dirt, sweat and oil and leaves his hair so soft. My kids are all in athletics and the shampoo and conditioner removes the tangles and dirt and they get complimented on the shine all the time. It is a must for parents who have kids with long hair. No more tears and brushing battles. The shaving lotion is incredible. 4 days later it feels like I just used it. The moisturizer in the lotion keeps my skin feeling so soft for days. I have thrown out all of my other products and will use Cowboy Magic® products for now on. It truly is Magic!


I love using Cowboy Magic® because I have thick hair and I have a lot of it so it is very difficult to find a product that makes my hair and scalp feel clean. The shampoo makes my hair and scalp feel so clean and fresh that I can go more than 2 days without washing my hair! The shampoo removes the build up from other products and the sweat from my workouts without stripping my color. The conditioner leaves my hair feeling soft, smooth, and light. I love that the detangler adds shine without leaving my hair feeling heavy. My hair feels healthy and full of body and volume even after I use a flat iron to straighten it. I’ve tried many products on the market to make my hair and scalp feel clean but this is the first product that I’ve used that leaves my hair and scalp feeling clean and fresh for more than 2 days!


I am a 60-year-young, 25-year cancer survivor with post-therapy permanent hair loss. I have hair in the middle of my head, very short and fuzzy hair on the mid-back of my head down to the nape of my neck and am bald in front and from ear-to-ear. Over the years, I have purchased normal wigs (human and synthetic hair), as I couldn’t afford the hair units/systems or lace front wigs that I saw on the internet. My choice, and preference, is synthetic and I keep my wigs for a long time. Therefore, the hair gets fry and brittle even more so than human hair. I have used many, many lotions and serums and they have been just okay. I have been looking for that right combination of a detangler, moisturizer and shine. Then I found YOU! When I received your product, I was surprised that it was clear like serums on the market – not like a lotion or a cream, and I immediately liked that. I took a small amount to, massaged into dry hair, felt the moisturizer and softness and saw the shine! After 1-2 weeks of using it, striating, rolling – as you advertised, I have found it to be ideal for all hair types – including synthetic!! It does replenish dry and damaged hair with your essential ingredients that moisturize and reconstruct the hair. I am very pleased with Cowboy Magic® to say the least!

Octavia, CA

My 6-year-old daughter has very long, thick and curly hair. The ONLY thing that detangles it completely is Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine. No tears, no drama, no hassle during the comb out!! The Cowboy Magic® Shampoo and Conditioner clean and moisturize without leaving her hair feeling icky. The Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine is a miracle in a bottle!! Better even than salon products!! Always getting compliments on how beautiful her hair is. And with such great products, it is easy to take care of now! Do not ever discontinue these products!!


I am writing to thank you for your amazing Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine. I do not have horses, but my 3 daughters and I use your Detangler on a daily basis. My daughter Holly’s hair is waist-length but very fine which makes it prone to both tangles and to looking limp and oily if we use standard detanglers. Your product detangles without making her hair look limp or oily and accomplishes this with only using a small amount! My hair has been highlighted and is to the middle of my back. The highlighting chemical makes my hair knot terribly but a tiny squirt of Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine has my comb gliding through my hair with no more breakage due to knots in the dry, highlighted sections. I love the soft shine it gives our hair and it feels like it has a protective coat on it. My nieces (ages 6 and 9) begged me to buy them some Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine because “it makes the tangles disappear!” Thank you so much for a wonderful product!

Jennifer, AL

I use your Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine not only on my horse, dog, & cats, but I dilute it some with bottled water & put it in a spray bottle for my granddaughter’s hair. Her hair is so thick & long. I found your product makes her hair so healthy, shiny, & tangle free. Especially after a shower. And it’s more economical to use than the human detangler. Good product!


I LOVE COWBOY MAGIC®! I have naturally curly hair so using your product helps keep the frizz away and gives my hair a beautiful shine. I have been using Cowboy Magic® Rosewater Shampoo and Rosewater Conditioner for a few months now and my hair is soft, shiny and growing. I have recommended Cowboy Magic® to my entire family, as well as all of my friends. Cowboy Magic® is a real product, with real results!

Tasha J., WV

I am a dog groomer and I only use Cowboy Magic®. I now have nails. Something that is very hard to keep since I groom dogs on a daily basis. My hands are no longer dry and itchy!

Cathy, PA

I have only used Cowboy Magic® once (so far) and the results were shocking! The back of my head (where my hair goes through my baseball cap) was not as dry, and the ends of my hair no longer felt like hay or dried grass!

Dawn, SC

Both my husband and myself use the Shine In Yellowout™. He has beautiful grey hair that turned yellow with most shampoos and I have highlights that look much better with this whitening shampoo. I have tried many purple shampoos and this is the best on the market. I particularly like the pleasant fragrance as opposed to the chemical smells other products have.

Diane, FL

Cowboy Magic® Shine In Yellowout™ makes my horse’s flaxen mane and tail bright, shiny, and very manageable. So, I thought “why not try it on my color-treated hair?” I have used the shampoo on my hair for a few months now and it makes my hair shiny and actually seems to brighten the color. I get compliments on my hair and I tell people of the product I use and they seem amazed that a product used on a horse can also be very good for person.

Phyllis, CA

Cowboy Magic® Shampoo left my hair feeling as squeaky clean as it always did on my four-legged friends in the pasture. But the Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine was my biggest surprise! My extremely curly hair has to be tamed daily in order to bee seen in public and not be mistaken for Ted Nugent. Whereas I typically use a couple of different products to pull this off, now a few rubs through my hair with the Detangler & Shine keep those curls in line.

Chris, CA