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Cowboy Magic - 5 Essential Horse Grooming Tools

5 Essential Horse Grooming Tools

Grooming your horse should be a very special bonding time. Your horse can feel your loving touch and the affection and the care you show during this time will deepen the connection between you both. Make sure you have the right tools for grooming so you can focus your energy on the important task at hand.

Equine magazines and tack stores are filled with plenty of new tools for grooming. Stay away from gimmicky products as they are often all flash and less function. Stick with the basics, some elbow grease and love.

5 Essential Horse Grooming Tools

Stiff Body Brush: This brush has short, coarse bristles and is designed for removing dirt and loose hair.

Soft Face Brush: A gentle brush for removing dust or stray hairs from sensitive areas.

Horse Hoof Pick: It’s crucial to keep your horse’s hooves clean – the task should be done daily. During the process of cleaning with a hoof pick you will also be able to check for any other issues – sharp stones lodged in the hoof, thrush or hoof cracks for example. There are numerous types of horse picks – including ones with LED lights to help illuminate the area, but a simple hoof pick with a brush (to help brush away debris) will get the job done.

Sweat Scraper: Used to remove excess water from your horse’s body after bathing and help your horse to dry faster.

Mane and Tail Comb: Combined with Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine™, a mane and tail comb will help you work out any tangles or knots from your horse’s mane and tail. Plastic combs are less likely to break the hair, than metal varieties. For more information read our article: Detangling Those Dreadlocks.

What are your favorite grooming tools?