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Cowboy Magic - 7 Tips For Clipping & Grooming Your Dog

7 Tips For Clipping & Grooming Your Dog

7 tips for clipping and grooming your dog

A well-clipped dog is a good looking dog. A pair of clippers taken to an unruly coat can work wonders. Of course the only way clipping will improve a dog’s appearance is if you know what you are doing. Good clipping takes skill and practice. Besides being a way to make your dog look good, clipping and grooming your dog also has a practical side. Long coats become easier to manage once clipped, and can make regular grooming a pleasure.

Before you take a clipper to your dog’s coat, remember the following:

  • Study the breed. Each breed has its own look. If your dog is a purebred, study show specimens of his breed – either in books or at a dog show to get a feel for what the clip should look like.
  • Get help. If you have a breed like a Poodle or terrier, where considerable work is performed on show dogs’ coats, take your dog to a professional groomer so you can learn exactly what he is supposed to look like and how the clipping is done.
  • Think ahead. If you just want to clip your dog’s coat to shorten it for manageability or to keep him cool in hot weather, try to envision what you want him to look like before you start clipping.girl brushing dog

Now that you have done your research, here are a 7 tips for clipping and grooming your dog:

  1. Buy the right clippers. Professional groomers use two types of clippers: standard clippers and small clippers. Standard clippers are used for all around grooming, while small clippers are used on the face, ears, and feet. You can shop for professional clippers in catalogs and through websites that cater to professional groomers. Or you can buy ordinary dog clippers from your local pet supply store. Wherever you go for clippers, buy the most expensive pair you can afford. When it comes to clippers, you get what you pay for.
  2. Teach your dog. Before you sit down for a clipping session, get your dog used dog in kiddie pool with Cowboy Magic product for groomingto the clippers. Let him become familiar with their sight and smell before you turn them on. Next, power the clippers on and let your dog become familiar with the noise. Give him some treats while he’s listening to the buzz to help him realize the clippers are a good thing.
  3. Wash the dog. Give your dog a bath and let him dry thoroughly before you clip him. Avoid clipping a dirty dog if at all possible. The dirt will clog the clippers and make your job difficult. Use COWBOY MAGIC®Rosewater Shampoo followed by COWBOY MAGIC®Rosewater Conditioner to get your dog’s coat clean and manageable.
    dog in tub with Cowboy Magic products
  4. Prep the coat. Apply COWBOY MAGIC®Detangler & Shine™ to your dog’s coat before clipping. This will help the clippers glide through the hair, making the clip quicker and more pleasant for your dog.
  5. Go with the grain. When clipping the coat, go with the hair, not against it. Cutting against the grain of the hair can result in cuts and burns on the dog’s skin.
  6. Provide breaks. If your grooming session is a long one, give your dog a few breaks throughout the process. This is especially important if clipping is new to your dog. You want him to have a positive experience his first time out.
  7. Give rewards. Once you’ve completed the clipping, tell your dog what a good boy he is and give him treats and praise. If you do, he might just come running next time you take out the clippers.

What are your favorite tips for clipping and grooming your dog?


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