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Cowboy Magic - Amazing Horse Pumpkins

Amazing Horse Pumpkins

One of the exciting things about fall is pumpkin carving. From silly faces, to creepy and intricate designs, nothing quite gets you in a spooky mood like creating a jack-o-lantern masterpiece all your own.

Here are some horse inspired pumpkin carvings to get you in an eerie Halloween mood.

Celtic Beauty

This gorgeous carving must have taken a ton of time. The end result is stunning.


Bright Little Foal

This charming carving is a delightfully beautiful way to show the love between a parent and child.


Magnificent Creature

This fantastic horse profile can show you love of horses in a fun and unique way.


‘Dem Bones

This spooky horse skeleton will show off your love of horses AND Halloween!


Wild Carriage Ride

This creepy carriage ride is most definitely less scary when horses are involved. “Excuse me creepy driver… can I give your horse a sugar cube?!”


Painted Beauty

This beautiful painted herd of horses will look amazing for Halloween all the way through Thanksgiving. Then when Christmas gets here, just pop a Santa hat on it and it’s good through New Years too!


Carousel of Horror!

Ok, ok maybe there isn’t anything horrifying about this, but the shape of a pumpkin lends itself perfectly to a carved carousel that will light up your front porch with joy.


Headless Horseman

This scary rendition of the Headless Horseman might initially bring your focus to the grinning pumpkin coming towards you, but upon closer inspection the menacing horse in the background really steals the show.


Headless Horseman Pt.2

Another rendition of this Sleepy Hollow terror, the Headless Horseman in this carving is done in a much more classic spooky style that just SCREAMS “Happy Halloween!”


3D Horsie!

This beautiful horse carving is just stunning. Not only does it show a gorgeous creature, but it will also bring a smile to everyone who sees it too!


So this Halloween, before you dig out all of the carving tools and line the kitchen table with newspaper, why not think about a fun horse pumpkin to decorate your home with. Not only will it shine brightly through the night, but it will also be a great way to highlight those beautiful animals you love so much.

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