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Cowboy Magic - Beautiful Horse Hairstyles

Beautiful Horse Hairstyles

Our horses always deserve the best. The best food, equipment, grooming products, and everything else under the sun! But what about style? Beyond blankets, saddles, and leg wraps, there is another way for those beautiful creatures to show of their fashion sense. Their hair! From a styled mane or beautifully braided tail, a horse can tell everyone a lot about their personality with a gorgeous ‘do.

Here are ten beautifully styled horses that even people will be jealous of.


We’ve seen this before walking downtown headed to brunch. This little lady looks beautiful too!

horse braid



This gorgeous style takes us back to those classic 1970s wall hangings, but with a beautiful and modern twist.

horse macrame


Knot Too Shabby

On a windy day, this will keep everything out of your big pal’s eyes.

mane knots


Ooh La La

This beautiful style makes a stunning photo.

horse french braid


From Gold to Platinum

The golden blonde to the shine of platinum from the sun is a look that many humans pay big bucks to accomplish. This big guy is effortlessly looking amazing.

horse mane gold


Princess Waves

A fair maiden or a fair ‘neigh’den? Why not both!?

horse mane waves



A sleek style that keeps that mane perfectly in place is lovely and practical.

mane braids


Curly Sue

She woke up like this. Really!

horse curls



Cowboy Magic Shampoo and Conditioner has a delightful rosewater scent, so these are just a bonus. This hair already smells great!


Horse Fish Tail

Let your pretty pony think she’s a seahorse with a fishtail braid that has clean lines and is much easier to do than it looks.


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