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Cowboy Magic - COWBOY MAGIC® Success Story – Cathy

COWBOY MAGIC® Success Story – Cathy

Cathy of Franklin, PA, contacted us recently via our Facebook page  to share her success with using COWBOY MAGIC® products when grooming her cocker spaniels. She was gracious enough to give us more feedback on her experience with COWBOY MAGIC® products.

What are your main concerns or issues regarding grooming your cocker spaniels?

There are many concerns. Reactions to the products used, I guess is the most important. Does it dry out the coat? Does their skin stay clean? Is it easily rinsed out? Is the fragrance overpowering?

What products had you previously tried on your cocker spaniels before using Cowboy Magic®?

I have tried many different products. From the very expensive to the less expensive. I have tried organic, live enzymes and many products just for dogs.

Who recommended Cowboy Magic® to you and why?

I overheard a couple a friends, who have white horses, talking about different things they used on their horses for show. The name Cowboy Magic® came up in the conversation, so I went online to study the product. When I saw some of the pictures and testimonials, I decided to try it out. I had much difficulty trying to find it at first, but I finally found some at the feed store. I did not react to it either. Which is a plus. Sneezing and watery eyes and itchy hands from the use of different products was always a big problem for me.

What Cowboy Magic® product did you first try on your pets and what were the first changes you noticed in their hair? How long did it take to notice these changes?

I use the Rosewater Shampoo and Rosewater Conditioner. I have a parti and he was my problem child. The yellow staining on his belly and hind legs were always a big problem. To be honest I don’t know when I noticed they were gone, but it is not a problem now because there isn’t any staining, plus my black cockers are amazing. They glisten even in the dark. The hair is now strong and silky.

Do you dilute the products? Or do you use them as is?

At first, I used it full strength. Now, after over a year mix it with my other product. Unless there is a need for full strength, like in the summer when the gnats are out. Cowboy Magic® seems to repel those little devils. I use it on every dog I groom now. My clients are always commenting on how soft and bright their dogs coats are. I just smile.

How often do you use the COWBOY MAGIC® products on your cocker spaniels?

Since my cocker spaniels train in a arena with a sawdust/sand floor and do spend a great deal outside, I have them on a 2-week schedule. Unless they get very dusty from training and then it is every week. I like their hair at full show coat length so it gets dirty and matted very easily.

What other benefits have you discovered from using Cowboy Magic® on your cocker spaniels?

It might sound silly but my hands are the best benefit. I now have nails. Something that is very hard to keep. I groom dogs on a daily basis and my hands are not dry and itchy.

You mentioned that your dogs are therapy dogs, I’d love to hear more about that as well, like I said above, I think they are one of the sweetest and good-natured breeds.

Thank you for the kind words. I have been blessed with a line of cocker spaniels that process a real gift of feelings. Almost all dogs process a quality that makes them unique in therapy work. I have come to notice that my little cockers are able to do something so very special. They seem to sense problems in the humans they come in contact with. I have 5 generations here and my youngest (at 3 months) recently showed he also has that “it” factor. I have been a 4-H Canine Leader for 12+ years and my requirements for my members is they must pass certification for therapy and CGC after one year training with me. I have had over 40 some dogs and kids pass. This is important for me because we visit the nursing homes and make public appearances, knowing that both canine and handler are able to attend is very rewarding.

Have you tried any of the Cowboy Magic® products on your own hair?

Well, I have. It was great, but I don’t want to waste it on me when it is so hard to find and I need every ounce for the dogs. They are more important!

Cathy thank you so much for sharing more about your wonderful animals and your love for COWBOY MAGIC®! It’s customers like you that have made us what we are today.

If you have a COWBOY MAGIC® Success Story you’d like to share with us, contact us today.