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Cowboy Magic - Cowboy Magic® Fan Spotlight – Candace
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Cowboy Magic® Fan Spotlight – Candace

Cowboy Magic® Fan Spotlight - Candace


If there were a Cowboy Magic® fan club, Candace from Troup, TX, just might be the president. She recently contacted us through our Facebook page to tell us how much she and her whole family love our products.

I have used Cowboy Magic® since it came out. I use it on my horses, dogs and my hair! It’s the only Shampoo, Conditioner and Detangler we use. Everyone always asks me why my horses’ hair, dogs’ coats and my hair are so long, shiny, healthy and beautiful – Cowboy Magic®! I stand behind your product 120%. In the show rings, or out and about our hair always stands out!

Candace and her family live in east Texas, where they own and operate Rockin’ A Ranch. There they pride themselves in breeding quality animals – Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds, east Texas show pigs and Angus and Brangus cows. And as if that didn’t keep the family busy enough, they also hand make Old West Candles, which come in a variety of scents and styles and are far superior to any candle you might find at the grocery store.

Candace learned about Cowboy Magic® from her father, who’s been using it since the company was created. He swears by the Detangler & Shine™ when grooming his walking horses. Candace uses the Rosewater Shampoo and the Detangler & Shine™ on her horses; for grooming her dogs she uses the Rosewater Shampoo, Rosewater Conditioner and the Detangler & Shine™ and she is constantly getting compliments on their coats.

Cowboy Magic® Fan Spotlight - Candace







Candace, as well as her whole family, also use Cowboy Magic® on their own hair, including her niece with very curly hair. Her mother was skeptical that the Detangler & Shine™ would not be able to tackle the unruly curls of a young girl, but she was pleasantly surprised.

We are so grateful for fans like Candace and her family and love hearing about the success they have had using Cowboy Magic® products. Thank you for sharing your story Candace!

If you haven’t tried Cowboy Magic® on your own hair yet, as well as on all of the animals in your life, give it a try today and let us know what you think. Use our Store Locator to find a retailer near you.

Cowboy Magic® - Fan Spotlight - Candace