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Cowboy Magic® Success Story – Stephanie


Stephanie from Georgia, entered a contest on our Cowboy Magic® Facebook page recently, where fans were asked to submit photos of their horses that they groom using Cowboy Magic® products. Stephanie surprised us by submitting a photo of her daughter (she does not own any horses). Stephanie and her daughter discovered what we already knew – Cowboy Magic® isn’t just for our four-legged friends! Stephanie was gracious enough to give more feedback on her experience using Cowboy Magic® and to share these gorgeous photos of her daughter.

What are your biggest hair care concerns and challenges- in general and in caring for multiracial hair?

Biggest challenge has been changes her hair goes through and finding what works in keeping my daughter’s hair moisturized. As an infant, my daughter’s hair was simple in that I could use baby shampoo and be done. Once she turned about 2, her hair texture changed in that it needed more conditioning and moisture. Ethnic hair needs moisture and this moisture needs to be locked in. If not, the ends will dry out and split much faster than my hair would. I knew I wanted to keep her hair natural and use the least amount of chemicals as possible to avoid even more damage. There are a lot of products (especially here in Georgia) marketed for African Americans but I find they are too oily or just too harsh. Even the ones for kids. Seemed like I would have too much oil in her hair or too little. Then add the curls! Curly hair tends to not only tangle a lot more often, but again is much more delicate. So hair washing is a work to detangle and not hurt her in the process. 

What hair care concerns or challenges have improved by using the Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine™?

Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine™ has met all our needs and wants. No harsh chemicals to worry about. I can easily detangle her hair and do so without pulling and hurting her. Plus, it not only gives an extra moisture barrier, but being a serum it self locks; no need for extra oils.

What other types of products have you used to solve these hair care issues?

We have also used Carol’s Daughter®. I love that they are all natural but they are on the pricey side. Plus you need so many of their products to get the same results I get with one bottle of Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine™. For example, I have their shampoo, a hair smoothie conditioner, a leave-in conditioner and a leave-in moisturizer. Plus their styling products (hair milk, loc butter, honey oil). Sometimes it felt like her hair had too much in it but yet wasn’t getting the results needed.

Do you dilute the Detangler & Shine™? Use it in a spray bottle after diluting? Or do you use it as is?

We use the Detangler & Shine™ in a few ways. After washing and conditioning my daughters hair, I will use the Detangler & Shine™ as is. We leave it in for about 3 minutes (like a deep conditioner) and then I comb through her hair. It is so easy to get all the tangles out this way. I then do a light rinse – just enough so that some of the product is still in her hair to help lock in what we just did. I have a few spray bottles.  In one bottle, I dilute the Detangler & Shine™ with half water. This is great when I let her wear her hair down and need to detangle that days worth of snarls. Another bottle is just the Detangler & Shine™ by itself for when we style her hair straight. We only do this a few times a year but this product is great for the moisture without her hair curling back up and a beautiful healthy looking shine.

I myself use a small nickel size amount in my hair after each wash before drying.  This keeps my hair looking shiny and extremely soft without being weighed down. I no longer see as much breakage or fly-aways.  

Do you use the Detangler & Shine™ everyday or at different frequency of use?

I use it daily on my daughter. The style of her hair will depend on how much we use. Such when she has braids I can use it daily on the ends to keep the extra moisture they need. I spray it lightly in her hair when it’s straightened or mixed with water to use as a detangler in between hair washes.  

How long after starting to use the Detangler & Shine™ did you see an improvement in your hair?

The ease of combing through her hair was right as the first use. To see healthy ends and better moisture balance only took about 2 washes. No time at all really.  For myself due to the damage I had, it took about 1 month to not even notice any of the breakage I had before and I have not had anymore new damage since. 


Thank you so much Stephanie for sharing your family’s experience with using Cowboy Magic® products. It’s fabulous customers like you who make this company what it is today!