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Cowboy Magic - 4 Steps to Detangle Dreadlocks

4 Steps to Detangle Dreadlocks

Put away your scissors. There’s a better way to remove a matted knot from your horse’s mane.

It all starts innocently enough. A small burr or tiny twig lodges itself in your horse’s mane. Then the hair begins to twist and tangle around it. A knot begins to develop and become matted as dirt and even more debris gets trapped in it. In no time at all, your horse’s long, beautiful mane is now an unsightly mass of dreadlocks.

There are many benefits to being able to give your horse the freedom of living outdoors. The downside is that, even if you groom your pasture-living horse daily, he is still going to pick up all sorts of flora in his mane and tail, particularly if the hair is long and thick or prone to curling.

It is not recommended that you braid your horse’s mane or tail if he is going to be out on pasture for even a short time. He needs that hair to swish flies and protect himself from biting insects. More importantly, just imagine the disaster that could result if your horse were to catch a braided or wrapped tail on a fence post or tree branch. Your horse could lose much more than a few strands of hair.

If you find yourself faced with a mane or tail full of dreadlocks, don’t reach for your scissors or pocket knife. There is a better way to remove even the worst tangle without sacrificing the hair. Follow these simple steps, and you can transform that matted mess into silky, shiny hair.

4 Steps to Detangle a Dreadlocked Mane or Tail

1. If the mat is caked with mud or infused with dirt, you will want to wash the hair first. Use Cowboy Magic® Rosewater Shampoo to gently dissolve away the dirt. The shampoo is concentrated, so it only takes a small amount to thoroughly clean the hair. The silk conditioners in the formula act as a pretreatment to help soften the hair and loosen the knot. But don’t worry about trying to detangle the hair just yet. You need to thoroughly clean and condition the hair first.

2. The next step is to condition the knot with Cowboy Magic® Rosewater Conditioner, which acts to demineralize the hair. Massage the conditioner into the knot to dissolve mineral buildup and moisturize the hair. For best results, allow the conditioner to sit for a minute or two, and then rinse.

3. The knot is still there, of course, but now it is clean and conditioned, so you can begin to detangle it. Apply a small amount of Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine™ to the knot. Massage it into the hair with your fingers. The Detangler & Shine™ will feel silky on your hands. That’s because the alcohol-free formula contains silk proteins and panthenol. Using just your fingers, begin loosening the tangled hair from the very bottom of the knot. Continue to add small amounts of the detangler as you separate the hair. Do not use a comb to try to untangle the hair, and don’t start at the top of the knot, as this will only tighten it and break the hairs.


4. Continue to work from the bottom up until you have separated the hairs. Once you can run your fingers through the hair, you can use a large-toothed comb to smooth it. Again, start from the bottom and comb out small sections at a time. Work your way up until you can run the comb through the hair from the roots to the ends without catching a snag.


If the hair is knotted but otherwise clean, you do not need to wash and condition the hair before applying Detangler & Shine™. The product can be used on either wet or dry hair with the same results. If the hair is still kinked after the tangle is completely removed, apply a small amount of Detangler & Shine™ to the palms of your hands and pull the hair between your palms to straighten it.

Even if you are faced with the most stubborn of dreadlocks, don’t be tempted to cut, comb or brush the knot. This will only break or fray the hair and tighten the knot. It takes a little patience and nimble fingers to remove a tough mat, but the end result will be worth it. If you give up and cut the knot out, you will only regret it.

Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine™  will restore the moisture to your horse’s mane and tail while strengthening the hair and reducing breakage at the same time. Its unique conditioning formula repels dirt and dust, reduces static electricity and leaves a long-lasting shine. As an added bonus, your horse’s mane and tail will be less likely to get tangled again, especially if it is combed regularly.

All Cowboy Magic® products are made with the highest quality ingredients available. The salon-grade formulas are ideal for your own hair, as well. Try Detangler & Shine™ on your hair to neutralize static electricity and smooth out the frizzies. You’ll love how your hair feels!