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Cowboy Magic - Holiday Family Activities: DIY Horse Ornaments
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Holiday Family Activities: DIY Horse Ornaments

DIY Horse Ornaments

The Holidays are here! Beautiful Christmas trees bring warm memories to the living room. A star shines bright on the top of the tree and garland lines the mantels, with twinkling lights peering through the needles.

Family Christmas time

The holiday season is a time to gather your loved ones in one room, swap stories and laugh amongst family and friends.

But is there something missing? Like any horse person, most of your time is spent in the barn. So let’s sneak some horses in the living room!

Horse in the living room

No, we did not mean you have to sneak your 1,000lb horse in the living room! Here are a few simple DIY horse ornaments you can incorporate in your Christmas decorations. Now, you will truly have all those you care about in one room.

Horse Ornament

What’s that glittering on the tree?

Supplies needed:

  1. Small plastic horses
  2. Glitter spray paint
  3. Super glue
  4. Ribbon

This DIY horse ornament is easy enough, anyone can do it! A great family activity to bring the family together. Start with small horse figurines, they can be found at Tractor Supply, Hobby Lobby or any super center.

DIY horse ornaments

Cover a flat surface with newspaper or towels before you spread the horses out on their sides on top of the covered surface. Next, you will put a little magic on the horses! Pick any color glitter spray paint and thoroughly coat the horses.

Glitter on horses figurines


Wait until the spray paint is fairly dry and flip the horses over to the other side. Repeat this process until the horses are completed covered and shining with glitter. While the spray paint is drying, cut the ribbon at your preferred length. This will be used to hang up your horse on the tree!

Now you are ready to attach the ribbon to the horse with super glue! And Viola! You have your very own horse ornaments for your tree.

Horse Ornament

Wine Cork Horse Ornament

Tis the season for hosting holiday parties at the house! Your guests bring a bottle of wine to share, drinks are passed, but what do you do with the cork left behind? Save them and make this adorable wine cork horse!

Wine cork horse

With just a couple spots of super glue, fuzzy hair and string you can make this into your very own horse ornament!

The best part, supplies are easily interchangeable so be creative!

Supplies needed:

  1. Corks
  2. Super Glue
  3. Yarn for the mane and tail (or wool)
  4. Googly eyes (tacks or draw on!)
  5. String

You will use four corks for the legs, one for the body, neck and head. You can shave the base of the cork (neck) at an angle so the legs sit flush or leave as is! Feel free to add accessories like a saddle, ears, or even a halter for your horse!

Noel Horse Cork ornament

Once the body is constructed and the super glue has dried, it is time to add the string. In arts and crafts, super glue will be your best friend! Finally stand back and admire your wine cork horse ornament! Give it a name, or let your family and friends name your new addition to the Christmas tree.

Family Christmas by the tree

These DIY horse ornaments are a great way to bring the family together. We hope they bring character and life to your Christmas tree!

From everyone at Cowboy Magic, we wish you happy holidays!