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Horses Curious and Confused By Everyday Objects

We know you love and cherish your horse(s) with all of your heart. Even though they may spook at just about anything and act confused about everyday objects, we still love them. They never fail to give us a good laugh and ease up the atmosphere in the barn!

Here are some silly and confused horses that definitely have a few questions about everyday objects and situations.

Horse Digging Holes

The back story on this is that this cutie saw his dog buddy digging holes, and wanted to know what it was all about. After some confused snorts, he seemed to get over it pretty quickly.

Horse Kicks Stuffed Pony

This horse loves his jolly ball! These toys are a great way to keep your horse engaged and occupied in the stall.

Nervous Around Tiny Horse Statue

This big beauty isn’t quite sure what is going on with this plastic fraud. While in the end, he seems okay. The initial reaction had us concerned he was going to head for the hills!

What Are These Things?!

Who knew horses found playing with a ball as fun dogs do! This video compilation of horses playing is perfect! It is great to see horses engaged in the pasture.

Dog and Horse Meet

The unsure curiosity of this tiny pup compared with the overly excited curiousness of that big velvety nose is one of the cutest moments we’ve ever seen…Ever.

Spooked By His Own Shadow

We have to admit, for a little guy that is a BIG shadow. We appreciate how he faces his fears and stands up against that scary silhouette.

Meeting A Baby Kangaroo

While meeting a dog might be exciting, meeting a tiny kangaroo might be just a teeeeenie bit more exciting. We are in love with both that brave little joey and the sweet and gentle horse as they give each other a little sniff.

ATV = A Tasty Vehicle

You know that thing you drive all around your property to make your daily chores just a little bit easier to do? You might not have known it’s also a delicious snack, at least for your horse!

Do you have a sweet or funny confused and curious horse moment? Let us know on our Cowboy Magic Facebook Page and we might share it in a future post!

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