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Horses Dancing to the Rhythm

When the music hits your ears, whether you’re in the car, at the grocery store, or even when you’re sitting on the couch watching television, sometimes you just have to break out in song and dance!

Some horses are no different. They might be at the stable, in the field, or immersed in a competition, but when those tunes hit their ears, it’s time to dance!

Here are some horses who let the rhythm take control!


This beautiful creature stomps his hooves with such gusto! We are wild about these dance moves!


This wonderful police horse has no problem being the center of attention. Who says you can’t boogie down when you’re on the clock?

Freestyle dressage is a form of dressage, but with music. This competitive dance between horse and rider is at the international level and in the Olympics!

If you can’t always dance along, you can at least bop to the beat. This horse is loving the unique sounds that come from the flute player.


Lastly, Anita and Diablito have done a great job with their choreography. We love the effort they’ve put into this fun little dance with such a fun and upbeat song!

Have you ever choreographed a dance with your horse? Let us know on our Cowboy Magic Facebook Page and we might share it in a future post!

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