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Horses Explain: The Beach

The beach can be fun, amazing, relaxing, exhausting… you name it! Everything is amplified when you’re having fun in the sun, sand, and water. Here, ten horses explain why the beach is so great.

Beach Ball

“The beach is great because of beach balls! They’re everywhere!! I just want to throw them.. and bite them!! Give me that!”


Sea Shell Hunting

“Uhh, I don’t get it. You pick up these little crunchy thing. Ooh ok, that one is kinda pretty. Hi there little guy…. AHHHH DON’T PINCH ME!”


Beach Walking

“This. I like this. The sand is so soft and fluffy under my feet. The beach goes for miles. That breeze! Ah yes, let’s never leave.”


Beach Hair

“Look at my mane?! It never get’s this big, beautiful, and curly at home. We can’t ever wash it . Ever. Ew ok, it feels pretty gross, we can wash it… eventually.”


Splashing Around

“What is this? A wave? It keeps splashing me! Take that wave! This is so fun, I could splash all day! AHHHHH A FISH!!!”


Going with the Family

“Come on kids! Go play in the sand, swim in the water, horse around with your cousins… (whispers) honey, they’re going to sleep so good tonight!” 


Meditate and Have Deep Thoughts

“I am one with the hay. Don’t be a ‘neigh-gative Nelly’. Is hay really for horses?”


Take a Nap

“This sand is so warm… I just ate a huge lunch. This. Is. The. Life…..Zzzzzzz”


Enjoy the Sunrise or Sunset

“What’s that bright orange thing out there? Can I eat it?! I’m going to try and get it!”


Take a Romantic Stroll

Oh sweetie, what a beautiful day. I love walking with.. you.. hey, stop running! That’s it, its on! I’m going to win!”


Just have Fun

“Gosh, this place is the best! So much room to frolic and leap everywhere. I love the beach! Let’s come here all the time. AHHHH A CRAB!!!”


Do you have a horse that loves the beach? We want to see! Post on our Cowboy Magic Facebook page and we might just use your photo and comments in a future post!

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