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Horses Interact With Ice

Winter brings us lots of things like cold and snow. But another big factor that we have to battle is the ever present ice. Ice comes in all sorts of varieties, from thick to practically invisible, but the thing that remains the same is the slippery factor.

Here are some horses who had to deal with some frosty weather, a few slips, and some aspects you only experience in the winter.

The Look of Embarrassment

“My horse Minnow between cover changes having a zoom, ground a bit frosty …whoops, no damage done she was just fine.” This poor gal just wanted to enjoy a quick trot through the fields. We can only imagine how glad she was to get outside and run around. Luckily she landed and caught herself.

Whoa! Steady There!

It can be challenging enough to walk on ice with two legs, so we can only imagine what four would be like. We completely understand Sam’s hesitation about heading out on that slippery terrain. He loves and trusts his human to follow her and we’re sure at the end of the day he’s in good hands.

It Makes a Great Snack

Ok, so the grass might not be growing, it’s always really cold, and the ground is slippery… but that hard stuff on the ground sure is fun to eat. What is it?! It tastes like water but it’s chilly. It’s also in the water trough, in the stream, falling from the sky, hanging off the roof…. it’s everywhere! These horses might be a little confused, but mostly they’re excited for a seasonal “snack.”

Nothing to See Here!

Poor Sunny, or as he’s loving referred to as ‘Sunbun’ in this clip, looks like he’s just trying to have a graceful slide across the snow before he takes a tumble. He takes it like a champ and he trots over to his spot to munch on some thistle. We can already tell that he is quite the stinker. Is it just us or does Dan, the other horse,  already seem over his mischief for the day?

How We Feel This Winter

This is EXACTLY what we wish we could do whenever we had to head outside. These two hilarious horses noped right out of there… or should we say, back IN there!

Do you have a horse who had an interesting or funny interaction with the cold weather? Let us know on our Cowboy Magic Facebook Page with a photo, video link, or story, and we might share it in a future post!

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