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Cowboy Magic - International Dressage Rider joins the team

International Dressage Rider joins the team

Welcoming Diego Gonzalez to the Cowboy Magic Team

Cowboy Magic stands behind the hard-working qualities showcased by International Dressage Rider Diego Gonzalez. Full-time professional, trainer and entrepreneur, Diego brings a unique perspective to the dressage world and now, to the Cowboy Magic team.

Diego Gonzalez

Originally from Mexico, Diego began his dressage career at 15 years old. A journey leading him to a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals and representing Mexico on the International level. Now, Diego owns and operates a boutique training facility out of Sherman, Connecticut and Jupiter, Florida known as CAE Dressage (Casa Arte Equestre).


A unique aspect of CAE Dressage is their three PRE (Pura Raza Espanola– which is a pure Spanish horse) stallions standing at the prestigious sport horse breeding Farm, Hilltop Farm. There are only six PRE horses in the world that are also approved Warmblood stallions (GOV German Oldenburg Verband), and Diego Gonzalez is an owner of three. An accomplishment not easily achieved! His long-term goal is to represent Mexico in the Olympics.

Passion meets Business Acumen

A passion for these incredible creatures, is Diego’s driving force.  He connects with his horses on a very special level.  With Dressage, as the case with many other disciplines, you must be in tune with everything about your horse and almost move like one entity! One mis-step can make or break a competition. Diego’s talent doesn’t just lie in the arena with his majestic horses, but also in his business endeavors.  How else would he have acquired 3 of the most beautiful, coveted horses in the world?  You got it; he is an astute business man! This is a part of horsemanship that many others may or may not have, but is beneficial and gives many a leg up to understand the ins and outs of the industry.

“If there was not a career in any university in the world that you wanted to do, create your own.”  Diego vividly remembers the words his father told him when he left home at 15. He gives credit to his father for encouraging him to be a business man who not only pursued his passion, but was be able to create a viable business to support his dream. This motivated Diego to establish multiple businesses throughout his career. A wine distribution company, and most recently Zamma Solutions and Cool Solar. The latter focuses on distributing eco-friendly products and making them more accessible to the public. All the while maintaining his professional status.

Gonzalez is a bit of a Renaissance man. His talent is undeniable. To unwind from stressful practice and extreme discipline it takes to be a Dressage professional, he is an avid scuba diver…and enjoys the ocean like a playground.

Casa Arte Equestre

A rollercoaster

Gonzalez stresses the importance of enjoying the development and journey with the horses. This sport gives riders a taste of the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

“When there is one major goal to accomplish, it is easy to forget about the small accomplishments along the way. When a tragedy hits, such as an injury, the riders are left wondering the importance of their goal. Was the struggle and financial hardships worth it? But if you enjoy the process, the struggles along the way will be perceived as part of the process, instead of a career ender.”

A Saving Grace

Gonzalez recalls a time the Cowboy Magic Yellowout was his saving grace at the FEI Dressage Nations Cup.

“I did not realize my stock tie was so filthy! We were already on the grounds, and I had nothing else to use. I dunked my tie in a bucket with the Cowboy Magic Yellowout and it was as good as new!”

Casa Arte Equestre

A favorite duo of Diego’s is the Rosewater Shampoo and Conditioner. Along with the Super Body Shine to give his horses that everlasting gleam! After riding in the dressage ring, there was a noticeable lack of dust on his horse’s coats. He even discovered it works magic on his boots to buff them up right before the ring! Cowboy Magic is proud to be in Diego Gonzalez’s tack box where ever he goes and to leave the horse’s coat looking better than ever.

Need to add a little shine to your horse’s coat? Find out why international dressage rider, Diego Gonzalez trusts the Cowboy Magic Shampoo and Conditioner to prepare his horses for the ring! Follow up with the Cowboy Magic Super Body Shine to repel dust and maybe even buff up your boots! Available on Amazon.

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