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Our Top Five Beautiful Horse Blogs of 2017

This year we’ve covered a variety topics. From cute and cuddly, interesting facts, tips about horses, and even about those of us who love horses on social media. However, out of all of them, some of our biggest attention grabbers were those that were simply showing the beauty of our beloved creatures.

Here are our top five most beautiful horse blogs from 2017.

Beautiful Saddles You’ll Love

A saddle is a statement, an expression of yourself, and it lets people know exactly the kind of horse you have with just a glance. Here are some of the most beautiful saddles you can find on the internet!


Jaw-Dropping Black & White Horse Photos

Black and white photography can be an incredibly powerful medium. It can take almost any subject and transform it into an emotional and inspirational piece that speaks to the viewer on a deep and personal level.


Stunning Vintage Horse Photographs

The love that people have for horses has existed for generations. While nowadays it might be simple to take a quick selfie with your four hooved best friend, back in the day it was a luxury to have any photo taken, let alone one with your horse accompanying you.


Beautiful Carousel Horses We Wish Were Alive

A few things bring us back to a moment in our childhood that feels exactly the same. One of those things is the whoosh of air when we ride on a carousel. You lean back, feel the gentle spin, and bob up and down while your troubles are temporarily carried away.

Horses and the American Spirit

Here are ten pictures that represent the beauty of the American flag paired with beautiful horses for you to enjoy.


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So here’s to a Happy New Year and we look forward to all of the fun content we’ll be bringing you in 2018!

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