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Quick Stain Remover

Need to remove a tough stain quickly? Here’s your secret weapon.

Tracy heard the first call for her halter class crackle over the loudspeaker and she panicked. The class wasn’t scheduled to start until after lunch, or so she thought. With a quick glance at her watch, she broke into a run back to the barn. The announcement meant she had less than 15 minutes to get ready and be at the in-gate. Why is it, she thought, that time can drag slowly for hours at a show and then suddenly fly by when you most need a few extra moments? Tracy reached her aisle and grabbed her show halter from her tack trunk. Her horse was standing quietly in her stall, ready to go, and the mare nickered at her in recognition. The consummate showgirl, Tracy thought, patting the mare.

Thankfully, Tracy had had the foresight to get her horse ready before trying to sneak away for a quick bite to eat. She needed only to give her a last-minute touch-up and polish, change her own clothes, and they would both be ready to go. Tracy buckled the show halter and led the mare from the stall. Then she stopped in her tracks and let out a gasp. Her once beautifully groomed horse was now sporting an unsightly manure stain on her otherwise snow-white hip. And this was no minor stain. If her horse’s hindquarters were a map of the world, the bright green stain would represent the continent of Asia. Tracy groaned, regretting that she had decided not to tie the mare, not wanting to leave her that way unattended and thinking for certain that the mare would not lie down and roll. She certainly proved Tracy wrong! Tracy regarded the mare, frowning, and then patted her again. She couldn’t blame her for being a horse.

Now, every second counted. Tracy led her horse into the aisle and snapped her into the cross-ties. She grabbed a stiff brush and whisked it briskly over the stain to remove any loose debris. Then she dove into her tack stall and emerged with a few towels and the one product she knew would work in an instant—her bottle of COWBOY MAGIC® Greenspot® Remover.

Tracy looked at her watch. She had about 12 minutes. She sprayed a small amount of Greenspot® Remover on a section the stain and began massaging it with a damp towel. Next, she wiped it briskly with the dry towel. She sprayed another section of the stain and massaged it with the damp towel first then wiped it with the dry one, all the while thinking about how nice it would be to have a bay horse right now instead of a white one. Tracy continued spraying, massaging and wiping. The continent-sized stain was now the size of a small island.

Over the loudspeaker came the second call for her class. That meant she had 10 minutes. Tracy repeated the process a few more times and then stepped back to take a look at her handiwork. The hair was damp, but the stain was gone! It would take only a few minutes to dry—just long enough for her to change into her show clothes. She leapt back into the tack stall and closed the door behind her.

Tracy emerged wearing her show clothes just as the final call for her class came over the loudspeaker. Armed with a finishing brush, comb and clean towel, she gave her horse a quick all-over polish. The unsightly manure stain had vanished, leaving a shiny, sparkling white coat. Tracy unsnapped the cross-ties, gave her horse an affectionate pat on the neck and headed for the show ring.

Anyone who has ever shown a horse has undoubtedly found themselves in a situation such as this at one time or another. Horses have a way of botching our best intentions the second we turn our backs, even if only for a second. Even the most fastidious of horses—those who would never think to lie down and roll in a tiny 10’ by 10’ horse show stall—manage to decorate themselves with all sorts of stains when we have the least amount of time to clean them up. That’s one of the many chagrins of showing horses.

The second Tracy saw the manure stain on her horse, she knew exactly what to do. She has learned from experience that even the most stubborn stain, whether it is from manure, grass, urine, sweat or even hoof polish, can be removed in minutes with COWBOY MAGIC® Greenspot® Remover. It works because it contains natural, non-sudsing cleaners derived from plants in a concentrated formula that break down and dissolve foreign molecules. The ingredients are activated by massaging them with a damp towel. And on more than one occasion, she has used it on herself, as well, for a quick clean-up when she hasn’t had time for a shower between classes. She knows that COWBOY MAGIC® Greenspot® Remover has been allergy tested and dermatologist reviewed to be nonirritating to the skin. Besides, she would never put something on her horse without trying it on herself, first.

In addition to containing deionized water blended with extracts of wild raspberry leaves, comfrey, fennel, burdock root, horsetail grass, lemongrass, sage, yarrow, honey and rosemary, Greenspot® Remover also contains shea butter, which adds shine to the hair as it dries. Additional ingredients, including panthenol, silk protein and silk amino acids, strengthen the hair and condition the skin.

COWBOY MAGIC® Greenspot® Remover isn’t just for use on show horses. It works on any horse in need of a quick clean-up, and it works just as well on longer, thicker coats as it does on short or body-clipped coats. It’s perfect for those times when you want to have a well turned-out horse but it’s too cold out for a full bath.


For best results, don’t get overzealous. How many times have you launched a full-scale assault on a stain with soap and water, or some other product you think might work, only to make the stain worse? The key is to work on a small section of the stain at a time, and use only a small amount of Greenspot® Remover. Massage it with a damp towel to activate the cleaning ingredients and then wipe it with a clean, dry towel. In a matter of minutes, the stain will vanish.

Like other COWBOY MAGIC® products, Greenspot® Remover can also be used on humans. Both athletes and campers use it to clean up when they don’t have the luxury of a hot shower. Just spray a small amount on a damp towel for a shower in a bottle.

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