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Cowboy Magic - Stunning Vintage Horse Photographs

Stunning Vintage Horse Photographs

The love that people have for horses has existed for generations. While nowadays it might be simple to take a quick selfie with your four hooved best friend, back in the day it was a luxury to have any photo taken, let alone one with your horse accompanying you.

Here are a few rare vintage photos of some beautiful horses and the people who loved them.

Three Wonderful Friends

Animals can make an ordinary day one that is truly amazing.


Woman in Blue

Putting on your finest gown to pose with those you cherish most is a truly amazing moment to capture.


Beautiful Creatures

This woman brushing her hair while caressing her dear friend’s velvety face is truly beautiful.


Flowers in Her Hair

The gentle way she pets her horse while delicately carrying the basket of flowers is quite a pretty picture. Pure loveliness.


Forever in Thought

What could she be thinking? Her secrets are safe with her and her beautiful horse.


Dear Friend

A friend who is always by your side is a rare find. These two are captured within this photograph in a purely magical moment.


Woman in Yellow

Perhaps this woman is simply stopping to rest after a ride with her four hooved companion. Perhaps she just saw a moment to take a dramatic pause from her daily life. Either scenario is captured beautifully.


Flower Picking

These two companions make a great team. The more flowers you can carry, the more flowers you can use to decorate the world!


Fabulous Fashion

Riding gear has always been exceptionally slick and fun to wear. We can just imagine how amazing this woman feels having a photo taken while wearing her incredible riding coat, gloves, boots, and hat.


Music to Their Ears

This woman’s guitar must be one of her prized possessions. Pair it with her love of her horse, and her personality shines through in this beautiful photo.


So while times have changed, and the technology to capture the moments have improved drastically, just remember that the love that people have had for their horses remains the same. So whip out that camera and take as many photos as you can. We’re lucky to live in a time that it is done so easily.

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