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Cowboy Magic - Connie


I am in the Walla Walla Blue Mountain Riders parade drill team and ride a very light gray horse that is an absolute pig. If there is something on the ground that will stain his coat, he will roll in it. Every time I groomed him for a parade, he had accumulated a huge number of grass and manure stains, mud … well you get the idea.

I had tried baby shampoo, beer for grass stains, and hair detangler for his tail…but usually wound up pulling a lot of tail hair out anyway. It seemed that no matter what I did, he was still stained. Usually, it took several baths in a row to make the grade. It got so bad; I was considering dying him black.

Then, I tried two of your Cowboy Magic® products, Cowboy Magic® Shine In Yellowout and Greenspot Remover. Wow!!! What a difference they made. The stains and dirt came out with very little effort. His coat shone in the sunlight and one fellow rider mentioned that his tail glistened.
(And it did)
Since I’ve been using your products, his mane and tail have grown out much thicker than ever before. His coat is silky soft to the touch and he stays clean longer. I have recommended your products to other riders of light colored horses who also struggled getting their horses ready for parades or shows. I can now love my horse for his inner beauty and outer appearance. Thank you.