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Cowboy Magic - Jennifer, AL

Jennifer, AL

I am writing to thank you for your amazing Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine. I do not have horses, but my 3 daughters and I use your Detangler on a daily basis. My daughter Holly’s hair is waist-length but very fine which makes it prone to both tangles and to looking limp and oily if we use standard detanglers. Your product detangles without making her hair look limp or oily and accomplishes this with only using a small amount! My hair has been highlighted and is to the middle of my back. The highlighting chemical makes my hair knot terribly but a tiny squirt of Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine has my comb gliding through my hair with no more breakage due to knots in the dry, highlighted sections. I love the soft shine it gives our hair and it feels like it has a protective coat on it. My nieces (ages 6 and 9) begged me to buy them some Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine because “it makes the tangles disappear!” Thank you so much for a wonderful product!