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Cowboy Magic - Jordan E

Jordan E

The horse I ride is a school horse so with that he is always very dusty since not as many care as much about grooming as I do. In the summer after I ride and prepare for a show, I always rely on Cowboy Magic. My favourite product of the all is the Shine In Yellowout shampoo. It works wonders on the horse I ride. He looks like A different horse after I use your products. The body shine spray helps keep the dust down. So many people have been giving complements on how shiny he looks after I treat him with Cowboy Magic. Almost everybody at my barn says they’ve never seen him gleam and shine so much in his life. For shows, people come up to me and ask what I use on him – easy Cowboy magic, what else. Thank you so much for helping him finally shine again –┬áJordan E.