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Cowboy Magic - Julie



As a groomer, I have been using Cowboy Magic® Detangler and Shine for dematting and brushing out tangles in dogs for years. I recently started using the entire line of Personal products and I am in love with all of them. The shampoo and conditioner are amazing. My husband is in construction and Cowboy Magic® gets out all the dirt, sweat and oil and leaves his hair so soft. My kids are all in athletics and the shampoo and conditioner removes the tangles and dirt and they get complimented on the shine all the time. It is a must for parents who have kids with long hair. No more tears and brushing battles. The shaving lotion is incredible. 4 days later it feels like I just used it. The moisturizer in the lotion keeps my skin feeling so soft for days. I have thrown out all of my other products and will use Cowboy Magic® products for now on. It truly is Magic!