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Cowboy Magic - KC Hansen

KC Hansen

Thank you for providing a product that lasts and works for detangling the toughest of tangles! I am so grateful for Cowboy Magic Detangler! As the Secretary and Head horse trainer at Central Oregon Equine Rescue I am blown away by the results that your products provide. Here is rescue mare Tracy. I brush her mane and tail out frequently and use Cowboy Magic Detangler & Shine to prevent any breakage and damage to her beautiful mane. Nearly all of the horses we rescue are wild or neglected, leaving a lot of extremely matted and tangled hair. Neptune is another Central Oregon Equine Rescue horse. His tail was one of the worst matted and tangled tails I have ever felt. It was so matted it had dead ticks, twigs and debris in it. It was so thick and cumbersome it felt like a sack of potatoes. Cowboy Magic Detangler is truly a life saver! Thank you! – KC Hansen