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Octavia, CA

I am a 60-year-young, 25-year cancer survivor with post-therapy permanent hair loss. I have hair in the middle of my head, very short and fuzzy hair on the mid-back of my head down to the nape of my neck and am bald in front and from ear-to-ear. Over the years, I have purchased normal wigs (human and synthetic hair), as I couldn’t afford the hair units/systems or lace front wigs that I saw on the internet. My choice, and preference, is synthetic and I keep my wigs for a long time. Therefore, the hair gets fry and brittle even more so than human hair. I have used many, many lotions and serums and they have been just okay. I have been looking for that right combination of a detangler, moisturizer and shine. Then I found YOU! When I received your product, I was surprised that it was clear like serums on the market – not like a lotion or a cream, and I immediately liked that. I took a small amount to, massaged into dry hair, felt the moisturizer and softness and saw the shine! After 1-2 weeks of using it, striating, rolling – as you advertised, I have found it to be ideal for all hair types – including synthetic!! It does replenish dry and damaged hair with your essential ingredients that moisturize and reconstruct the hair. I am very pleased with Cowboy Magic® to say the least!