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What A Horse Would Give You For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here. While some of us may be prepping with dinner reservations, fancy jewelry, or even helping our school aged children prepare their Valentines for school, the MOST important Valentine we have is prepping some very special surprises for you.

Here are just a few ways your horse might surprise you this February 14th!

Trying to be Good

Ok so this might be a little tricky, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

horse valentine's day



They are just happy to spend time with you whether it’s a stroll on the trail, a gallop on the beach, or just hanging out in the stable as you change out their bedding.

horse valentine's day


Quality Time

Just like companionship, you’ll enjoy each and every minute you spend together. Whether they’re trying to steal the feed scoop or just being their silly selves, each minute is going to be a good time.

horse valentine's day



Don’t turn your back or you’re asking for trouble… at least it’ll be pretty hilarious.

horse valentine's day


Being Good(ish) During Bath Time

They’ll TRY to not knock over everything or shake excessively all over you. They still will, but gosh darn it they’ll try!

horse valentine's day


An Adventure

Hop on and head out for a wild ride with a large friend who is ready to go!!

horse valentine's day


Funny Moments

Your horse might be a stinker, but you sure can’t wait to share those funny stories with everyone else.

horse valentine's day


Need a warm nose to snuzzle up to? They’re there for you 12/10 times. Sure they might be looking for a snack, but that just means its a win/win  for everyone.

horse valentine's day


Who will NEVER tell your secrets, even though she might secretly judge you? Your horse, of course!

horse valentine's day


Double the Love… and Trouble!

A little healthy competition for who loves you the most isn’t that bad. The more horses you have, the more love you get and give in return!

horse valentine's day

What is your favorite “gift” from your horse? Let us know on our Cowboy Magic Facebook Page and we might share it in a future post!

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