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Why Your Dog is the Best Valentine

You may be planning a perfect dinner with that special someone for Valentine’s Day, but don’t forget about your best friend and yes, we’re talking about your dog. For that furry buddy, every day is Valentine’s Day with you around. Not convinced? Here are a few ways that your dog celebrates Valentine’s Day with you every day of the year.


Your pup is always happy when you come home. Who else greets you at the door with that type of wiggle?

Always Grateful

Fido never complains about the quality of his food. Sure, he may not be happy with it, but he’s not going to shame your cooking.

Snuggle Buddy

Dogs snuggle unconditionally. Depending on his or her size, they may take up a good portion of your bed, couch, or even your lap,  but that’s only because they want to be as close to you as possible.



Who else licks your face the way your dog does? Hmm, maybe don’t answer that one.


Always Willing to Learn

You can even train your dog to do fun things for you like find your slippers or bring you a beer and the best part, they are happy to do it! What a Valentine!


No Need for Personal Space

Your dog doesn’t mind if you watch him or her pee or poop. They don’t care that you are in on their private time. That’s true love.



Your dog will follow you anywhere. Seriously, they will follow you wherever you go and never once ask where you are headed. That is some serious trust.


Entertain Guests

Having friends over? Guess who is going to be the entertainment for the evening. That’s right, your best bud will keep your friends entertained for hours on end! What a great dude!


Always There to Play

Your dog knows that you didn’t throw that ball and instead, have it hidden behind your back. He knows and he doesn’t care because he loves to play!


Always There For You

You are never alone when you have your dog and that’s the best Valentine’s Day gift of all! You’ll never get lonely when you have your best friend with you. The best part? They are great listeners!

Do you have an adorable four-legged friend you’ll be spending Feb. 14th with? Share those pictures on our Cowboy Magic Facebook Page and we might share it in a future post!

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